Natalie Roser Heats Up Maxim Australia With New Photo Shoot

The model and lingerie designer stuns in her latest Maxim Australia cover shoot.

(Neil Dixon)

Welcome back for another fantastic Maxim Australia cover, Nat. How does it feel the second time around?

Spectacular! My previous Maxim Australia cover has been one of my favorite covers for years, until now! I’m so happy to be gracing the cover for the second time. Crazy to note that the first was in 2016!

(Photography: Neil Dixon, Hair and Make-Up: Hayley McIver, Styling: Rose & Bare)

What have you been up to since then?

I’ve moved countries a few times. I lived in L.A. for three years and now I’m back in Sydney where my whole modelling career started. I’m also married with a handful of new and exciting business ventures keeping me busy. I increased my list of traveled countries to 25 and welcomed two cute Cavalier King Charles puppies into my life.

(Neil Dixon)

Nice. Give us the top three biggest changes in your life since 2016.

In May 2021 I underwent a major surgery to correct a spinal disorder called Scoliosis. I had a nice and strong titanium rod installed along my spine to correct a curve that I have had since I was 13. It had been getting worse with time – thanks gravity – so it was a definite requirement to prevent my organs from shutting down with a lack of space in my shortening torso. It was a crazy surgery and I’m actually still on the 12-month long recovery journey. My whole body is readjusting to its new position. It’s worthwhile and life-saving, but a huge personal change.

(Neil Dixon)

Holy crap, that is a big change! Do we dare ask about the other two?

Second would be COVID. Who didn’t have their life changed from the pandemic? I relocated back to Australia from L.A. right at the start of 2020 with the plan to go back at some point, but that changed as we settled here in Sydney. Third would be my new husband – my personal favorite!

(Neil Dixon)

Yes! Huge congrats on your recent marriage to [Australian TV actor] Harley Bonner. We hear that he actually proposed to you during this photo shoot?

He did! He managed to surprise me while I was distracted with the shoot. I was planning all the shots of the day and had decided that last one will be a sunset image. While I was getting ready Harley had set up “the shot” and I remember thinking he didn’t set it up the way I would have and wondered why. It took me a very long minute to figure out that the set up wasn’t for my Instagram and that he was up to something much more special. I was so shocked – I just wasn’t expecting it right there and then. After that shock settled, I just cried and smiled for the rest of the night. It was magic.

(Neil Dixon)

And you definitely created magic for this shoot. What goes through your mind whilst shooting in lingerie?

Abs and toes! I’m super aware that I’m always elongating my legs by pointing my toes and keeping my abs engaged. Other than that, I make sure I know where the light is so that it hits my body in the right places, and try to relax and work with the environment.

(Neil Dixon)

Well, as always, you look amazing. What do you think is the sexiest thing about you?

Thank you! I think I always feel my sexiest when my hair is on point. I love when my hair looks full and wild. I always love when I come home from a shoot and I have my hair and make-up all done and without fail Harley makes a comment saying how beautiful I look – even if I’ve swapped to sweats and an old tee. That makes me feel sexy.

(Neil Dixon)

What would people be most surprised to know about you?

Probably that I spend most of my time with no make-up on and wearing activewear, but my Instagram would portray a little different to that. I’m very laid back with my appearance most of the time.

When and why did you decide to launch your lingerie range Rose & Bare?

Rose & Bare was a dream of mine for many years before I launched in late 2018. It took me about five years to develop the product and save my pennies to create the brand I’m now so proud of. The idea came from my own struggles to find a “nude” underwear that actually matched my skin. So I developed four tones that better matched as many women as I could.

(Neil Dixon)

How is the business going?

It’s so great! It’s always nice when you surprise yourself, and Rose & Bare has been full of exciting surprises. The products have been so well received and R&B now has its own cult following! I think its success has come from a real need for the product I’m offering.

You promote Rose & Bare as the “nude specialists” and have always embraced artistic nudity – when was the last time you did a nudie run?

Haha! Nude is best! I think my last nudie run was two weeks ago for a shoot for my online magazine, Series.

(Neil Dixon)

Body image is a big part of Rose & Bare, but you recently felt the need to defend yourself after The Daily Mail called some of your photos on social media “raunchy.” Please explain?

They were talking about my Series magazine, which is an art magazine I created two years ago to provide a safe and female dominant publication for women to create nude art. I feature in the subscription magazine once a month and I share a few of these images on my social media.

They could absolutely be described as “raunchy” but they’re tasteful and something I’m proud of. To me, raunchy isn’t a dirty word and my IG will stay the same no matter what publications like The Daily Mail say about it.

(Neil Dixon)

You’ve said you love posing nude and don’t see shame in it if it’s created for the purpose of self-empowerment. Why is this so important to you?

I think shaming someone for sharing theirbody in an environment where they feel safe and beautiful is completely uncalled for. General Society sees nudity as something to hide and keep “secret” and I have no issue with people who have that view for themselves. However, when people start telling others what they can and can’t do with their own skin and bones, I think a line needs to be drawn.

The next generation are really praising body positivity and freedom of expressing who you are. I’m all for that. I love creating nude art. I use to do that for fun with no monetary benefit so now I’ve found a way to continue creating and pay myself and my amazing creative teams.

(Neil Dixon)

You have 1.4 million (and counting) Instagram followers. How do you keep them coming back for more?

I have no idea! I’m very lucky to be in the position I am. I just share my life (the highlight reel) and I feel very grateful that everyone responds the way they do.

You’re a model, business owner, influencer, ambassador, editor, wife… which role do you love the most?

I think my favorite role is editor. I just love the freedom to create. It’s that same creation role that I love in all aspects of my career. Editing Series just allows me to flex my creative muscles and I’m obsessed with it!

Speaking of roles, has living with an actor given you the acting bug?

It kind of has! I’ve loved watching Harley do his thing and have been given an amazing insight into the world of acting. I’m terrified and excited by it at the same time. It’s something I’d consider in the future.

You were recently featured in Maxim U.S.A. who described you as “taking the world by storm.” Is world domination something you strive for?

Such a beautiful comment from Maxim U.S.A.! I don’t really strive for domination, but I do strive to be the best version of myself and always release quality work. I don’t do anything in halves. If I have an idea, I need to commit to it 100 percent. I think this is what leads me to my success.

What’s next for you?

For once, I’m not sure! I don’t have a plan! COVID has really taught me the art of living in the moment. So, I’m going to enjoy my time living in Sydney until life leads me onto my next chapter!