Single Women Can’t Stop Swiping Right On Guys With These Jobs

Did your job make the list?

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

As we all know, there are some jobs that are sexier than others, and according to Tinder, there are certain professions that get the more right swipes than others. But frankly, the number one most right swiped job might surprise you, because it totally surprised me.

And so, according to Tinder, here are the top 15 jobs for men that get the most right swipes:

1. Interior Designer

2. Pilot

3. Physician’s Assistant

4. Lawyer

5. PR/Communications

6. Producer

7. Visual Designer

8. Model

9. College/Graduate Student

10. Engineer

11. Veterinarian

12. Teacher

13. Chiropractor

14. Firefighter/Paramedic

15. Founder/Entrepreneur

An interior designer, huh? Who woulda thunk it? Most would have guessed doctor or hedge fund manager, right? Wild.

And when it comes to the ladies:

1. Registered Nurse

2. Dentist

3. Photographer

4. College / Graduate Student

5. Pharmacist

6. Teacher

7. Flight Attendant

8. Founder / Entrepreneur

9. Personal Trainer

10. Waitress / Bartender

11. Physical Therapist

12. Journalist

13. Makeup Artist

14. Lawyer

15. Marketing Manager

So…did your job make the list? If not, no worries. 

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