Psychedelic Mushrooms May Soon Be Legal in California, So Start Planning Your Road ‘Trip’ Now

Who you bringing with you?

Mushrooms Promo
Photo: Getty Images

Just months after the Global Drug Survey deemed psychedelic mushrooms the safest illicit drug in the world, citizens of the hallucinogen-loving state of California are already trying to make them legal. 

The LA Times reports that Marina mayoral candidate and weed dispensary owner Kevin Saunders is behind the push to put the decriminalization of psilocybin, the trip-inducing ingredient in shrooms, on California’s statewide ballot in 2018. 

The measure would exempt adults 21 and older from penalties of possessing, selling, transporting, or cultivating psilocybins.

Saunders says the drug helped him kick his heroin addiction 15 years ago, and thinks it “could literally heal our brothers and sisters.” 

The measure was filed with the state Attorney General’s office last week, but it will take $2 to $3 million to collect the 365,880 voter signatures required to even get it on the ballot. 

Given that the Golden State was instrumental in paving the way for marijuana legalization, the possibility of taking a road “trip” to the west coast in the near future is very real. 

h/t: Mix Mag