Watch Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Peddle Cheesy Tots for Burger King in New Commercial

“Gimme some of your tots!”

In a clever ploy to market the return of Burger King’s cheese-infused miniature hash browns—a.k.a. cheesy tots—they’ve brought back an iconic duo from Napoleon Dynamite.

The fast-food staple enlisted the original actors from the cult comedy classic, Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez, to reprise their roles as Napoleon and Pedro in the new 20-second spot. The commercial is an obvious spoof of the semi-famous scene from the movie in which Napoleon pulls the tots from his pocket during class.

Aside from a very limited availability in 2013, cheesy tots haven’t been on the menu since 2009. So if this cute bit of nostalgia leaves you with hanging with a hankering, you can pick up an 8-piece order for just $1.99.

h/t: Uproxx