Here’s Why Narcissists Have The Most Friends

No wonder Kim Kardashian has racked up so many followers.

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Becoming the king of the hill, or at least the most popular person in the room, is as easy as being a complete narcissist. Good news, millennials!

But there’s a catch: a study from Poland found that people with narcissistic personalities more quickly amass friends and admirers, but overtime, people inevitably see through all the swagger and hot air.

It’s the people who possess emotional intelligence, or the ability to read people, react accordingly, and even empathize, that maintain their associates and gain the most popularity overtime.

The study examined 15 groups of 20 college students over a three-month period, with each participant voting who they liked best in each group multiple times. Each participant was administered a personality test at the outset that gauged their narcissism and emotional intelligence.

Those deemed to be highly narcissistic immediately gained recognition and admiration in their respective groups. But throughout the three-month span, their popularity waned, and their more emotionally intelligent peers were eventually most liked.

These findings have two implications: a positive is that people will eventually realize who’s capable of being a “best friend for life,” but a negative is that narcissists prove to be incredibly persuasive and can easily assume leadership positions.

And if they maintain a safe distance from their legions of admirers, they can go onto become business tycoons, political leaders, or celebrities and social-media phenomenons (sounds familiar). 

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h/t Los Angeles Times