These New Business Class Airline Seats Are Easier To Sleep In AND Have Extra Workspace

The revamped cabins make it easier to sleep on flights and have more workspace and storage space than ever before.


London-based designers PearsonLloyd have turned the business travel game on its head  with their new take on the business class cabin environment for Germany’s Lufthansa Airlines. The new look, calibrated to perfectly cater to the 21st century professional’s in-flight needs, will be incorporated into the new Boeing 777-9, set to launch in 2020.

With twin goals of improved privacy and enhanced comfort in mind, the new cabins will be home to roomier seating better designed for real comfort and practical use. That’s innovative enough, but PearsonLloyd clearly understands that privacy is a vital need for most professionals and to that end have created V-shaped mini-business suites.  


Designed so that passengers can sleep easier on flights, the new seats can convert into beds that are up to 86.6 inches long.

The revamped seat also includes a backrest that allows the shoulder to sink in when lying on your side, and making it possible for side sleepers to have a “healthy and relaxing sleep”.

It looks like the Boeing 777-9’s wider cabin will be perfectly suited to this essential redesign, but just because seating areas are roomier, don’t think that passengers will be boxed in for the duration. They’ll have easy access to aisles plus additional seating room, desk space, and ample storage. 

Privacy and an optimum of comfort for sleeping are two of the most important needs of passengers on international routes – both are handled perfectly with the new business class concept,” said the airline.

While Lufthansa began related upgrades for business travelers in 2018, the full revamp will take to the friendly skies in 2020. Start looking for new business to do in Berlin today.