New Zealand Accents Are Officially the ‘Sexiest’ in the World, Says New Survey

See the entire list of the world’s 50 sexiest accents here. Which is your favorite?

New Zealand-born pop superstar Lorde

A couple of years ago the Irish claimed the crown as having the sexiest accent in the world. Well, don’t tell the proud sons and daughters of that beautiful island, but their counterparts in New Zealand have quietly taken the sexy accent crown for 2019–at least according to Big 7 Travel’s “Top Sexiest Accents of the World” survey.

Not that we want to jump into the debate, but our March/April cover model Georgia Fowler was born in New Zealand, and then for a noted example of that sexy accent you can listen to any time there’s sly and sultry songstress Lorde, who was born in Auckland.

From the Standard (U.K.), here’s additional info on how Big 7 Travel made this determination:

International travel website Big 7 Travel gave its 1.5 million users a month to vote for their favourite accents, revealing the list of the top 50 countries on Monday.

“The “Newzild” dialect is outrageously charming. The sexiest accent in the world? It’s official,” the company wrote on its top place announcement.

The Kiwis were followed closely by South Africa, Ireland, Italy and Australia respectively, while Scotland hit the top spot for Britain – coming in at sixth place for its “rich sounds and harsh vowels”.

Okay, with over a million votes that feels like a pretty conclusive result. 

Big 7 published a list of 50 all together. Here they are, ranked in reverse order:

50. Croatian

49. Romanian

48. Thai

47. Pakistani

46. German

45. Welsh

44. New York

43. Chinese

42. Japanese

41. Geordie (Newcastle, England)

40. Latvian

39. Malaysian

38. Austrian

37. Norwegian

36. Egyptian

35. Swiss

34. Russian

33. Greek

32. Scouse (Liverpool, England)

31. Dutch

29. Nigerian

28. Boston (U.S.)

27. Polish

26. Indian

25. Vietnamese

24. Mexican

23. Turkish

22. Arabic

21. Filipino

20. Zimbabwean

19. Argentine

18. Mancunian (Manchester, U.K.)

17. Jamaican

16. Danish

15. Ukrainian

14. Hungarian

13. Canadian

12. Queen’s English

11. Czech

10. Brazilian Portuguese

9. South—USA

8. Spanish

7. French

6. Scottish

5. Australian

4. Italian

3. Irish

2. South African

1. New Zealand (Kiwi)

Some other interesting aspects of the list: In the United States the Southern accent was considered by far the sexiest, ranking 9th worldwide. Next sexiest region was Boston at 28 and New York was down at 44th on the list. 

The least sexy accent of the list was Croatian. Spang in the middle at 25? Vietnamese. 

New Zealand probably won’t publicize this honor in travel ads, but it’s still good enough to brag about in a bar while visiting another country.

Except Ireland. Probably a bad idea there.