How Cosmetic Doctor Nina Bal Is Changing the Modern Approach to Aesthetics

The “Body Fixers” star uses the newest and most advanced methods to sculpt faces without knives.

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The world of cosmetics have evolved quite rapidly since 2500 BC, and exponentially so since its popularization in the 1900s. In the world of fashion, cosmetic work has become a complementary staple to those daring enough to take the plunge. Yet, a few leaders in the industry today are making it a more doable plunge to take. Dr. Nina Bal, star of the show Body Fixers, is one of those few changing the game for the rest of the fashion world to be able to take part, for less of a cut (and we mean that quite literally).

Usually when we think of going to a doctor for cosmetic work, we think of a big knife, and pain, and bandages and the like. It’s a scary thing. As the saying goes, pain is beauty, and surgery the more extreme example of it. Yet, what about cosmetic work that doesn’t require that? The newest, most advanced methods in today’s world, is one where we take out the pins and needles, and we find a doctor that knows how to tweak things the natural way, to gain the same end result. Dr. Nina Bal’s Cosmetic Practice does just that. 

Modeling it around the phrase “facial sculpting”, she specializes in, yes, sculpting the face, but without a knife. Now, you can gain your beauty, lose the pain, and nix the plastic. She believes in highlighting the beauty of her clients through more natural means, anything from cosmetic dentistry to facial aesthetic treatments to reduce signs of ageing, emphasizing the balance of the facial features, and beyond. 

She utilizes her rich education having graduated Magna Cum Laude in her post-grad at the Cosmetic Dentistry and Aesthietic Rostorative Dentistry in London. Aside from her dental surgery work, she doesn’t use surgery in any of her cosmetic practices. She operates a one stop shop for all one’s cosmetic needs. These treatments are focusing heavily on the fixing and enhancing of their physical look, helping clients to feel their best. When a person’s cosmetics enhance through such means, it not only looks better, but they didn’t lose their look for an artificial one, which has fashion beauties and celebrities walking out of her office, into the streets of London with a true pep in their step.

Many celebrities of the past have expressed similar resentment to the growing plastic age of the Hollywood and London scenes of today. It causes them to feel swayed in that direction as well, and many don’t see another alternative to have that slight edge they seek in their industry. Halle Berry, for example, said in a 2015 interview, “When you see everybody around you doing it, you have those moments when you think ‘To stay alive in this business, do I need to do the same thing?’ I won’t lie and tell you those thing don’t cross my mind, because some is always suggesting it to me.” 

In 2013, Kate Winslet offered a different take, “It goes against my morals, the way that my parents brought me up and what I consider to be natural beauty” Yet, what happens when cosmetics becomes just a natural way of amplifying who you really are, and allowing you to naturally look your best self? It no longer becomes such a moral dilemma and instead it becomes a way to empower oneself, just as regular makeup and exfoliating may be used to do so.

“How do we evolve as a society?” is the next question. Do we find better and better ways to surgically change our bodies or do we find more and more natural, less artificial ways, to enhance our looks to its maximum capacity. Common sense would say, why even go under the knife? And it’s right. The most impactful way we can improve ourselves without losing ourselves is in this cutting edge method of enhancing our cosmetics without plastic gimmicks and tricks. 

When we think of the models of Dior’s early days or Coco Chanel, we are speaking about a time when plastic surgery wasn’t as capable as it is today. In a day when its so clearly an alternative to people, we have to look back on the past to understand the future. An authentic approach to bringing out the best of people’s aesthetics is one that can stand the test of time as the growing, of the age, thing for years to come.

Connecting the past to the future, we are in a time where more and more influencers, just like Dr. Bal will be pushing for a new more natural approach to aesthetic enhancement. When people become tired of things being terribly fake, is when they want things to be terribly real. A generation that prides itself on authenticism is a generation where cosmetic doctors become more popular than Cosmetic surgeons. The Fashion Week of the future will likely look more like an enhanced natural beauty contest than an enhanced fake one. With more and more institutions popping up like this one, change is inevitable.