This Concierge App is Looking for a New ‘CEO’ to Travel the World for Free

All you need is a passport and a public Instagram.

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(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

Noken, a travel app that handles everything from reservations to directions to food and drink recommendations, is looking for one lucky person to be their new “CEO” to specially curate luxury travel recommendations by going on free trips to different countries.

And when I say CEO, I mean their “Cultural Exploration Officer.” The position offers three all-expenses-paid trips to Iceland, Japan, and Portugal, and you get to pick your dates of travel.

Plus, you’ll also get a $100 stipend to spend on each day of the trip, so you’re literally going on vacation and experiencing different cultures without spending a single penny. 

On their official website, Noken define’s their CEO as: “A cultural exploration officer, the person in charge of gaining a holistic introduction into the unique cultures of Japan, Iceland & Portugal.”

The job description reads: “Noken is seeking a CEO to travel to Japan, Portugal and Iceland to meet these countries & their unique cultures. The CEO’s responsibilities? Managing their day-to-day exploration (i.e. traveling) and creating content to share their experience with the Noken community.”

In other words, exploring the three countries with a passion, and sharing your adventures on the Noken blog and social media channels.

Interested? Here are the requirements:

  • Interest in travel & a desire for new and different experiences
  • A knack for taking beautiful photos
  • A public Instagram profile
  • A valid U.S. passport and vacation days and/or remote work flexibility
  • Must be 21 years or older to apply

The application closes December 31, so better do it now. Apply right here, and good luck.