More North Korea Saber-Rattling: Attacks Will Be “Worse Than September 11”

Pyongyang claims US doesn’t stand a chance


Last week, in a showy propaganda video, North Korea warned of impending attacks on Washington D.C. In a new display of military bravado, Pyongyang has once again upped the ante. 

An article featured in Friday’s DPRK Today, North Korea’s state-run news publication, proclaimed that attacks on Washington will be even more merciless than originally conceived. The Hermit Nation claimed that its most destructive weaponry is aimed squarely at the White House, the Pentagon, and other open targets in our capital. Even more troubling, the article stridently professed that such attacks will be worse than those on September 11. 

“If three civilian airplanes’ attacks from 15 years ago resulted in 3,000 deaths and brought a nightmare to life for the U.S., the outbreak of our final war will wipe the country from history, leaving no time (for them to) even regret or have nightmares about it,” the article read, according to NK News

The report claimed that our only defense, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), doesn’t stand a chance. “Will you (the U.S.) be gone from the face of the Earth trying to stop Chosun’s attacks with the shameful THAAD? Or will you kneel before us and save your life? The time has come, and the U.S. must make the choice,” it prodded. 

Such rhetoric, although commonplace from North Korea, continues what we saw in last week’s video, which laid out what a nuclear attack on Washington would look like. Spoiler alert: It ain’t pretty.

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h/t NK News