Meet 'Mike,' the Badass Warrior Battling ISIS

And check out his Instagram, which documents his work on the ground.
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Peshmerganor Instagram

"Mike," a.k.a Peshmerganor on Instagram. (Photo: Peshmerganor / Instagram)

He goes by "Mike," or at least that's the nickname used by Norwegian press. Mike was born in Iraq and raised in Norway — but now he's fighting ISIS full-time.
Mike's Instagram account details his return to the battlefield as a volunteer. A veteran who'd fought in Afghanistan, Mike elected to head off on a new adventure after returning to Scandinavia — fighting alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga putting the boots to the Islamic State in the area around Iraq's potentially vulnerable Mosul dam, the Daily Caller reports

Mike wanted "to be a part of fighting the ISIS terrorists," he told a Norwegian paper in January. 

According to the Daily Caller, Mike's fight is personal:

While Mike’s real identity is anonymous, he revealed that he came to Norway as an Iraqi Kurdish refugee at a young age in the 1980s. After serving with Norwegian forces in Afghanistan, he returned to his place of birth to put an end to ISIS.

His Instagram is a fascinating and sometimes gruesome study of the war up close:

Mike's work against the Islamic State is reportedly funded by donations sent through his site as well as merchandising — one good example being a t-shirt which he promoted by posting a photo of his girlfriend wearing it and little else.

In a recent Insta post Mike had some advice for anyone who wanted to follow in his footsteps, writing that he wanted to "remind you guys that I can't help anyone join the Peshmerga. I'm sorry, but questions about recruitment won't be answered." 

Like any true warrior, he seems to know that his work isn't for everyone, and wants to make sure his followers on social media understand.

h/t Daily Caller

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