Nude Escorts Chase Robbers Through Atlanta Hotel

One gunman posed as a potential client.

Escort money getty

Guests at a Marriott in Atlanta’s posh Buckhead suburb witnessed a wild scene Saturday. Two escorts lured to the hotel with the promise of paid “dates” were seen running nude down the hall, chasing the men who had robbed them of their hard-earned money.

Atlanta’s NBC affiliate, 11 Alive, reported that one man had posed as a client. He pretended to negotiate fees for a few minutes before his armed accomplice entered the room. One woman had already disrobed and the men forced the other to remove her clothes as well. They then traded duty guarding the women at gunpoint while rifling the escorts’ effects, coming away with $3600. 

The men beat a quick retreat. But being buck naked in a tony Buckhead location didn’t stop their victims from following in hot pursuit. 11 Alive reported the women chased the robbers as far as a stairwell, in full view of hotel guests. The skin parade prompted one guest to call 911.

The women—who admitted to police that they were escorts—described their assailants as black males, one dressed in all black clothing and the other clad in gray pants and a red shirt. Police reportedly got a look at the men on security video, but it may not have been clear enough to be of any use.

We say give it up for these working women. There’s a certain level of badass in being so angry you’ve been robbed that you take off running after your armed assailant wearing only your birthday suit. 

h/t 11 Alive