Two Women Dressed in Habits to Rob a Bank, And Cops Are Nun Too Happy About It

Holy sh*t.

Nuns take vows of poverty, but who knows, maybe that doesn’t sit well with them.

Whatever the case, on Monday a couple of women who looked like they just walked off the set of Sister Act entered a bank in Tannsersville, PA, and pulled out guns instead of rosaries.

The Associated Press and local media reported the pair of short, hispanic women—one of them also wearing shades—did the usual bank robber thing then, demanding money. However a teller triggered an alarm and that spooked them, so they ran off.

But not before leaving behind some of the more unintentionally comic bank security images in attempted robbery history. 

The unknown women—who police don’t believe were actual nuns—have at least two worries now: they committed a federal crime, and Ben Affleck could sue for intellectual theft since he did it better in The Town