O.J. Simpson Is Ready to Let the Juice Loose at the Bunny Ranch

Hey, nine years is a long time.

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OJ Simpson (Getty Images)

When it became apparent O.J. Simpson would be a free man before the end of 2017, Nevada’s infamous legal brothel The Bunny Ranch offered to hire him as a greeter

That’s right, if the Bunny Ranch is the Walmart of legally-purchased sex, O.J. would—if he took the job—be the friendly old guy in the vest at the door, checking receipts. 

The convicted kidnapper and suspected killer hasn’t accepted, but Page Six reports he is interested in visiting the place anyway:

Among the first items on O.J. Simpson’s to-do list upon re-entry to the free world last week was to find some “companionship” after nine years in prison, an insider said.

“He sent word … to the Bunny Ranch,” the insider said of Nevada’s famed legal house of prostitution.

“As far as I know, things are going down,” the ranch’s flamboyant owner, Dennis Hof, told The Post. 

It’s understandable that nearly a decade of incarceration might be tough on even a 70-year-old man’s need to get busy. 

Happy dude. (Getty Images)

Unfortunately for the Juice, there could be a hitch. An unnamed source reportedly said Simpson’s lawyers have to make sure that even a visit to a legal brothel won’t violate the former NFL superstar’s parole.

As a civil suit found Simpson liable for the death of Ronald Goldman years ago and he still owes the Goldman family several million dollars, it might not be a good look for him to blow whatever money he has on getting busy with any Bunny Ranch employee.

Then again, it’s not like O.J. has shown much concern for appearances in the past. 

h/t Page Six