Remember Harambe A Year After His Death With These 10 Hilarious Tweets

Never forget.



Sunday marks the one-year anniversary of the day the Cincinnati Zoo’s staff had to make a terrible decision. Through an unfortunate series of events, they were forced to shoot a popular male gorilla named Harambe. A small boy had fallen into Harambe’s enclosure and executing the 440-lb creature was the only way to save the child from being turned into Harambe’s favorite soccer ball or something. 

It was a tragedy, and then it somehow became one hell of a persistent meme. In fact, memes mostly sympathetic to Harambe and sometimes critical of the little boy’s parents became so pervasive the zoo eventually requested people just stop

People definitely did not comply with the beleaguered zoo’s request. And then Harambe became embedded in pop culture in a wide variety of ridiculous ways. 

A few Maxim posts demonstrate just how ridiculous: there was a conspiracy theory blaming Harambe for Hillary Clinton’s loss, sexy Harambe costumes for Halloween, and Harambe’s image on an NFL player’s shoes. 

Twitter users, always the most avid consumers of Harambe memes, commemorated the anniversary of his passing just as you might expect. While jokes about Harambe have always been tasteless, plenty were just darkly funny. 

All of them made one thing clear: the internet will never forget Harambe.