Oscars Nominees To Receive $7,000 ‘Everyone Wins Hair Gift Bag’ From Leading Hair Restoration Surgeon

Dr. Alan J. Bauman is an internationally recognized, board-certified hair restoration surgeon and founder of the Bauman Medical Hair Transplant & Hair Loss Treatment Center.

(Bauman Medical Hair Transplant & Hair Loss Treatment Center)

The 2022 Academy Awards ceremony spawned one of the most viral moments of the year when Best Actor nominee Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock for joking about hair loss suffered by Smith’s wife, Jada-Pinkett Smith.

But “The Slap Heard Around The World” is being completely reinterpreted by Dr. Alan J. Bauman, an internationally recognized, board-certified hair restoration surgeon and founder of the Bauman Medical Hair Transplant & Hair Loss Treatment Center.

For Bauman, the startling incident is an opportunity to educate people about Alopecia (the general term for hair loss) and how to treat the condition, which affects 80 million Americans.

This year, Jimmy Kimmel will host this year’s Oscars, airing on March 12 on ABC. Bauman Medical will be gifting a “Slap the $#%& Out of Alopecia/Everyone Wins Hair Gift Bag” valued at $7,000 to nominees in categories including Best Actor & Actress, Best Supporting Actor & Actress, Best Director and Kimmel himself.

No stranger to VIP clientele, the Bauman Medical Hair Transplant & Hair Loss Treatment Center has worked with countless A-list actors, politicians and high-profile individuals and adheres to a discreet “privacy is our policy” philosophy.

The “Slap The $#%& Out of Alopecia / Everyone Wins Hair Gift Bag” contains a comprehensive array of hair restoration tools to combat hair loss and grow hair thicker, stronger and healthier hair utilizing BaumanMD hair supplements, Dr. Alan J. Bauman’s In-Shower Trichology System for haircare, as well as PRP with PDOgro, Dr. Bauman’s proprietary hair restoration treatment, and more.

Each gift bag also includes a complimentary private one-on-one hair restoration consultation with Bauman, which can be done virtually or in person.

To help those who are adverse to thinning hair and balding, Bauman offers the most scientifically advanced, customized therapies that help people look good and exude confidence by restoring and maintaining their own living and growing hair.

“In Hollywood, celebrities such as The Rock, Jason Statham and John Travolta are celebrated as bald sex symbols,” comments Bauman. 

“That is a strong and equally empowering statement upon society. However, for others wanting to break into the biz, hair loss can be the difference between landing the lead role in a rom com to being cast as an extra in a B-level horror flick. For those who long for a full head of hair, we have the expertise and technology to help patients hold onto the hair they have and restore what’s been lost.”

About Dr. Bauman

Dr. Alan J. Bauman MD is an internationally renowned full-time board-certified Hair Restoration Physician who has treated over 33,000 patients and has performed over 12,000 hair transplant procedures and over 12,000 PRPs since starting his medical hair loss practice, Bauman Medical, in 1997. He is consistently shortlisted as one of the top hair transplant surgeons in the world today and has been awarded #1 Top Hair Restoration Surgeon in North America by Aesthetic Everything for seven years running.