Paige Spiranac Gives Tips On How To Be An ‘Instagram Golf Girl’

“It’s hard work but someone has to do it.”

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(YouTube/Paige Spiranac)

Paige Spiranac is nothing if not generous. The latest example: She posted the following video on her popular Instagram account Wednesday. It’s about how to properly be an “Instagram Golf Girl” like her.


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Spiranac played golf in college and has played professionally but for the last five years or so she’s been primarily focused on her considerable social media presence, which includes her 3.1 million Instagram followers. With the OG Insta Golf Girl you might check out the account for her appearance but stay for her still-impressive skills with the clubs and charmingly snarky sense of humor, which is on full display in the video above.

Clad in a crop top and short white skirt, Spiranac says in the video, “Dress code doesn’t exist in an Instagram golf girl’s life.”

Take notes, now, as she continues. “And always shoot from the front because no one cares where the ball is going when you’re dumping them out. Now, the most important part. It’s not the actual golf swing, it’s the reaction after. It’s a hop, skip and a smile even after you shanked it into the group right next to you, and that’s how you be an Instagram golf girl.”

Like she says in her caption, “It’s hard work but someone has to do it.” 

Spiranac also followed up with responses to questions from fans who got the joke, such as guys asking if those tips were for them as well, to which she replied, “Same rules apply. Happy hoeing!”

Spiranac also added that a “tank top is the only top I allow” for wearing when one is acting as an Instagram Golf Girl.

One thing seems true—Paige Spiranac practices what she preaches. Enjoy some extra fun from the one true Instagram Golf Girl below.