Why People Born in September Are More Successful Than The Rest Of Us

Tag a buddy born in September, because drinks are on them next time.


Researchers at three prestigious universities conducted an extensive study of students born over the course of six years and the results were startling. Of the 1 million surveyed, the research revealed that kids born in September were more likely to live positive, successful lives.

It’s a pretty solid finding giving the sampling of students and the length of the study. 

Of course that leads to the question why. As ShortList reports:

But why? Well, the leading theory relates to the dates of the school year.

In England and Wales (as well as many US states), 1 September is the cut-off date for school entry. So when children enter their classrooms, September babies are the oldest in their class.

These extra months often help with academic development and adjustment to school – which means that 80% of girls and 70% of boys born in September reach the expected educational level at age seven in state primary schools in England.

Performing well means that they are then also likely to receive more encouragement which, in turn, proves a huge self-esteem booster – and their advantage only grows over time.

Oddly, the same study discovered being born just one month earlier makes a huge difference. Children born in August, researchers reported, can have issues in school because they are frequently younger and not quite as mature as classmates. 

That said, billionaire Warren Buffet was born in August, uber-successful actor Leonardo DiCaprio—seen in his role as Wall Street “wolf” Jordan Belfort above—was actually born in November, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates was born in October. 

However, ridiculously wealthy born-in-September celebs include Beyonce, Keanu Reeves, Adam Sandler and Salma Hayek, so there’s that. 

Additionally, there is evidence that amazing financial success is more likely to come to winter babies—MarketWatch reported in 2016 that 12.5% of the billionaires on earth were Aquariuses, meaning they were born in January or February.

Still, the general positive outlook September babies sounds like a pretty good ploy for making sure you get busy at Christmastime if you want to have one. Just tell her it’s for success’ sake.

h/t ShortList