Pink Lotus Elements Delivers Premium Solutions To The Breast Cancer Community and Beyond

Woman’s health company Pink Lotus offers a one-stop marketplace for breast cancer recovery.

Pink Lotus

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Grappling with breast cancer is a serious and somber challenge, but the crusade against the disease has become saturated with gimmicky and frivolous awareness campaigns, from pink ribbons and “F Cancer” to commercial ventures with products and merchandise (bracelets, hats, yogurt, etc.) that have no direct impact on the women actually dealing with breast cancer. How exactly does a coffee mug assuage damaging chemotherapy side effects?

Seeing this as an impediment for honest, accurate and effective patient care, one of the most respected and trusted brands in the field – Pink Lotus – has taken the lead with its online store Pink Lotus Elements to provide a one-stop marketplace where women can feel safe and confident in finding a comprehensive offering of functional health products that positively advance their breast cancer recovery.

The company’s first step in establishing a gold-standard product line for the industry was not to go to market at rapid speed – instead, it entailed creating a strong set of values to ensure that each product’s development adhered to its core philosophy while specifically addressing the concerns of utmost importance to breast cancer patients and the women’s health community at large.

For instance, the company’s supplement line – as a matter of principal – is always 100% natural, non-GMO and vegan, with premium ingredients sourced from 5 continents and manufactured in best-of-class manufacturing facilities. Further, they make formulation and ingredient decisions based upon consumer applicability, clinical data and scientific evidence – not price and profitability. 

Pink Lotus

With its core philosophy grounded in wanting to significantly improve women’s health, Pink Lotus Elements provides scientific solutions for the most frequently experienced symptoms and issues expressed amongst patients – with cancer or not – including menopause, breast pain, hair loss, scaring, emotional stability, surgical recovery, and more. As such, the Elements platform acts as a trusted parallel to the supervision a woman already receives from her physician; however, the store provides women with a 24/7 resource that they can count on as a health-regimen anchor. 

Given the complete lack of other trusted brands in the breast cancer sphere providing cogent and relevant functional support to women, Pink Lotus Elements has emerged as the clear choice in an important market sector that has long been underserved and saturated with gimmicks rather than actual solutions. Yet – breast cancer reveals just one side of the coin.

One of the company’s bestsellers, Menopause Miracle, provides clinically-proven and non-estrogenic menopause symptom relief for all women, irrespective of whether they fall into menopause naturally, or as a result of cancer treatments like chemotherapy or anti-estrogen drugs (tamoxifen, etc.). The same approach applies to other bestsellers in their lineup, like their Multi Must Have or Cosmo Companion, which deliver scientifically-backed results for the general women’s health and wellness communities, irrespective of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Although created to assist women battling a most unwanted disease, the Elements platform has found itself with a much larger audience and purpose than originally anticipated. It now sells its products in over 30 countries to women of all backgrounds concerned with obtaining optimal health and wellness.

With 1 in 8 women getting diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, Pink Lotus is a name to hang onto for the long-term. Chances are, sooner or later, you yourself, a friend, sister, mother, or a Facebook acquaintance will find herself in a situation where Pink Lotus Elements will provide a practical solution that cannot be found elsewhere.