The #PortaPottyChallenge Is a Nasty New Millennial-Led Trend That’s Taking the Internet By Storm

You need to see this.

Image: Twitter/@SInow

Most people only use a Porta Potty out of sheer necessity. But for some inexplicable reason, young people are literally cramming themselves by the dozen into these unplumbed cesspools for the sake of a new trend called the #PortaPottyChallenge. 


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Anyone who has had the pleasure of doing their business in a portable john knows they’re only slightly more spacious than a bathroom stall. That said, you’d be amazed at what human will can make people capable of. 

A 12-person cross-country team did it without breaking a sweat… 

…only to be upstaged by another cross country team that managed to hit sweet 16.  

At 21, one would think we’re approaching the conclusion of this unsanitary optimization challenge.

But low and behold, one group stuffed 40 freakin’ people into a porta potty, and even made the walls bulge in the process. Hashtag incredible.

Assuming no one contracted dysentery, it’s definitely safer than that batshit Bass Pro Shop fish tank challenge that landed one dumbass in the hospital with a cracked skull. 

Kids these days, amirite?