Watch ‘Pot Sasquatch’ Stroll By a Reporter Live During a Snowstorm

Weed is now legal in Massachusetts… and obviously in use.

In Massachusetts the legend of the Pot Sasquatch—a.k.a. Bong-Hit Bigfoot, a.k.a. Wacky Tobacky Yeti—is told in hushed tones over bowls of chowder and bottles of Narragansett Beer as the winds blow and the snow piles high outside. Or at least it will be, from now on, after the creature made a weird, hilarious appearance during a local news report.

On Thursday WWLP TV meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei was minding her own business, doing what Bay State weather forecasters typically do in February, yelling into a microphone during a live shot in a driving snowstorm. During her segment a vision appeared, and at first it was pretty creepy—a dude in what basically looked like a weed-festooned Ghillie Suit, as if he was some Pot Monster soldier doing enemy reconnaissance on a marijuana farm.

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To her credit, Pagliei only seemed a little thrown, and as Mashable noted she later put the video on her own Facebook page. As for the creature’s name, WWLP dubbed it Pot Sasquatch on the station’s FB page.  

Pot Sasquatch seems to be the inevitable outcome of Massachusetts voting to legalize recreational marijuana in November, 2016. While it’s no longer against the law to own a fairly considerable amount of weed in the state, setting up retail establishments is taking longer. It’s very likely going to happen by 2018, though, and we look forward to Pot Sasquatch eventually joining the Morgan horse and garter snake as Massachusetts state animals. 

h/t Mashable