Guy Pranks San Francisco By Dropping Real-Looking AirPod Stickers Everywhere

“Joke’s on them!”

Apple AirPods Pro Promo

AirPods, whether we like it or not, are symbols. Perhaps of privilege, maybe even of money. They are damn popular as a result, even though they kind of look like medical devices. Artist Pablo Rochat is keenly aware of how coveted Apple‘s wireless earbuds are and decided to do a little social experiment based on AirPod envy. 

Rochat wanted to see just how irresistible the sight of a seemingly abandoned AirPod might be. 

To that end, he created correctly-sized, high-resolution AirPod stickers and placed them in different spots around San Francisco—one of the most expensive cities in the world (so you’d think AirPods wouldn’t be in short supply). 

He recorded the process as well.

Rochat elaborated on the prank for Mashable:

“I often see people drop their AirPods, so I thought it would be funny to make it look like people are dropping their AirPods all over the city and see if people would try to pick them up,” Rochat explained in an email. He’s an AirPods owner himself, and while he has yet to lose an earbud he drops them all the time, so he thought this prank would be very relatable.

The artist went on to write that “the best part” was “putting AirPod stickers on the ground and standing back to see people try to pick them up.”

“Some people are amused by it,” Rochat told Mashable, “but a few have been angry that they were pranked. Joke’s on them!”

Rochat made his template for very real-looking AirPod stickers freely available to anyone who wants to pull the prank themselves.

If you want to pull the same joke on someone be careful you don’t get punched in the process. People get serious about their AirPods.