Prescriber’s Choice Brings Transparency To Drug Prescriptions

New technology allows both patient and physician to immediately know a medication’s cost when it is prescribed.

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The new second generation of custom medication consulting company Prescriber’s Choice is about to change the game for drug prescriptions.

Prescriber’s Choice is taking effective medical prescriptions a huge step forward in 2020 by unveiling its new second generation technology FRED–which stands for Financial Reconciliation for E-Prescription Data. It enables physicians to e-prescribe the medication that they feel is best for the patient to a gateway created by Prescriber’s Choice parent company Sincerus Pharmaceuticals.

The prescription and insurance information will be automatically be reconciled and sent to the leading mail order pharmacies for them to provide competitive bids. This technology will allow the patient and physician to immediately know the medication cost at the time of the patients visit and is expected to drastically reduce the amount of time-consuming prior authorizations and medication substitutions at the pharmacy. 

This will create unprecedented access to medication competitive bidding and, for the first time, will leverage technology to put the power back in the hands of the consumer.

According to Sincerus Pharmaceuticals CEO Spencer Malkin, “FRED will introduce a new gold-standard process that both doctors and patients can trust for its transparency, accuracy, and accessibility.”