Trump Will Allow Release of Formerly Top Secret JFK Assassination Docs

What do you think?

President Donald Trump made a surprising statement via Twitter Saturday. 

He is permitting public release of long-secret information about the November 22, 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The president’s statement differed from reports that he’d likely block at least some of the documents from public dissemination. They are scheduled to become available from the National Archives on October 26 per the 1992 Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act. 

The Washington Post reports the White House followed up with a statement in which it said President Trump “believes that these documents should be made available in the interests of full transparency unless agencies provide a compelling and clear national security or law enforcement justification otherwise.”

John F. Kennedy - Statesman, military commander, and advocate of close-cropped sides and full-on side swoop.Photo by: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Image
John F. Kennedy Photo by: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Image

The Post also reports that in an Infowars interview, Trump associate Roger Stone said he’d encouraged the release of the files, but CIA head Mike Pompeo had lobbied “furiously” against the idea. 

Assassination experts reportedly doubt that there are any bombshells remaining in the files, other than possible evidence the CIA was more aware of the threat presented by Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald than the Agency would like to admit. 

There are also contradictory concerns that the files could muddy the record, via confusing redactions and poorly-executed digital storage. 

Will we finally know the truth behind the Kennedy Assassination? Will we learn if there really was a second shooter on the grassy knoll, or what was up with the woman wearing the babushka?

Maybe not. But it will be fascinating to find out what’s in there, regardless. 

h/t WaPo