Prince Was In Possession of Prescription Painkillers When He Died

Authorities found opioid pills on the pop god and in his Minnesota home.


A law enforcement official has confirmed speculation that Prince had been taking prescription painkillers in the days leading up to his death, on the same day that a judge ordered to seal all documents related to Prince’s death investigation — for 180 days, unless a criminal investigation is launched before then.

An unnamed official connected to the investigation told CNN Thursday that opiates were found on Prince and in his Paisley Park estate, where he was found unresponsive in an elevator last Thursday. Emergency responders performed CPR but could not revive the legendary artist. The same report indicated that an emergency landing of Prince’s plane was due to his reaction to the painkillers. 

Prince was not known to be a recreational drug user, and was rumored to have mostly abstained from alcohol, suggesting that he may have been taking painkillers for medical purposes. He reportedly suffered from hip and ankle injuries as a result of his grueling performance scheudule. 

On Thursday, Carver County Sheriff’s Department filed a request to seal the search warrant from Prince’s estate and any additional documents related to his death investigation. A judge approved the request on the same day.

According to a report from a CBS affiliate in Minnesota, Carver County Sheriff Chief Deputy Jason Kamerud explained the request for seal the documents was “due to Prince’s status of having been an iconic popular music superstar,” which means “there is and will be continued intense media scrutiny upon the manner and circumstances of Prince’s death.”