Reagan Mask-Wearing Creeper Caught on Camera at Reality Star’s Home

He also wore a sock on his junk.

One of the stars of Bravo reality show Jersey Belle had an experience on New Year’s Eve that seemed funny at first look, but was actually damned strange. Danielle Yancey, who lives in suburban Vestavia Hills, Alabama just outside Birmingham, had a near miss from a creeper wearing a Reagan mask, a sock, and nothing else.ย 

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Yancey posted only part of the video on Instagram. It showed a bare-assed young man or a teen scoping out her windows. An edited full video with the perv’s tubesock-clad nutsack grayed out was published on many media sites.

The naked man didn’t get a chance to fully terrify the reality star by dancing at her window like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs becauseย Yancey’s husband was doing a minor household chore around the same time, reported

Yancey’s husband, Bart, had just taken out the trash and returned inside when he caught a glimpse of a shadow in the breezeway. The trespasser had already open the gate and entered when Bart Yancey yelled to him. He then followed him briefly while he called 911 from his cell phone. ย 

Police were quickly on-scene but couldn’t find the man. Yancey told that investigating officers believed that whoever he was, he “wouldn’t last long outside nude like that” due to the winter cold.

In the report Danielle Yancey speculated that the man could’ve been on the losing end of a bet or taking part in a dare, but whatever the reason, “it could have become very scary and dangerous quickly.”

There were also reports of teens streaking in the area earlier that night, heading in the direction of a known hangout, but Vestavia Hills police were unable to catch anyone in the act.ย 

Yancey joked about the incident on Instagram, writing “Happy Nude Year.” On Facebook she took on a more serious tone, advising friends, “Stay safe! I hope this does not happen to any of you.”ย 

Watch the full, uncensored and unsettling video in Yancey’s Facebook post below.ย 

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