People Are Hearing NSFW Rihanna Lyrics in New ‘Yanny or Laurel’-Like Auditory Illusion

Not again.

Rihanna Promo
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RiRi, what have you done? 

Following the great “Yanny or Laurel” debate, the latest viral auditory illusion comes courtesy of Rihanna lyrics.  

A sound bite from a T.I. track featuring the Barbadian singer titled “Live Your Life” is playing tricks on people’s ears. Tune in closely to her line in the clip below:

Listeners either hear, “I’m a paper chaser,” or the much more vulgar, “I’m a big fuckin’ slut.” Many have also reported that they’re able to pick out both interpretations. 

Unlike “Yanny or Laurel,” which wasn’t settled definitively until its creator confirmed that he was indeed saying “laurel” in the recording, we can be sure Rihanna didn’t call herself a slut. Even so, that hasn’t stopped Facebook and Instagram users from losing their shit over the aural trickery. 

“HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??” wrote one person.   

“Yea, so that’s freaking weird. I heard both: it depends on what you’re concentrating on. Weird,” another said.

Someone else said they can only hear the X-rated version.  

“All I can hear now if the NSFW phrase, I tried thinking of the other one, but nope, it’s still the NSFW one for me. Just cannot un-hear it.”

The ability to hear two different lines based on which one you’re thinking about has been demonstrated before. In yet another viral video, below, listeners report being able to make out both “brainstorm” and “green needle.” 

Freaky, right?