Rise of The Gold Gods: How One Company Uncovered ‘Dirty Secret’ of Jewelry Industry

The Gold Gods works directly with suppliers to shake up the gold jewelry game.

(The Gold Gods)

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There’s a secret in the jewelry industry that the large jewelry corporations don’t want anyone to know. This secret is costing people a lot of money.

This industry-disrupting information has made many jewelry companies financially successful, but their high prices keep everyday people from being able to afford the gold jewelry they’ve always dreamed of. We’re here to share this secret many people don’t know.

As massive as the gold industry is, there are only a handful of jewelry manufacturers who supply it. After these few companies manufacture the pieces, the gold jewelry moves through the supply chain to eventually end up sparkling in shop windows.

But with every pass of the hand, the markup increases. The price of the jewelry has to cover the cost of expensive rent of prime retail locations and the overhead costs of labor and marketing.

After that exhausting process, the client enters a jewelry store and is met with an exorbitant number on the price tag. However, there’s good news for jewelry enthusiasts out there: it doesn’t have to be this way.

Market disruptor The Gold Gods, founded by Cam Love, has found a way around this conventional business model. The Gold Gods works directly with suppliers, cutting out unnecessary steps in the supply chain to avoid the costly wholesale and retail markups. By eliminating extra expenses that add up in the logistics process, they’re able to offer the same exact jewelry for a fraction of the price.

(The Gold Gods)

When it comes to buying gold jewelry, there are two important factors to consider: karat and weight. Karat represents the amount of gold in the item compared to other metals. Weight determines how much gold is actually used to produce the item, and therefore determines its value. When trying to find the best value for solid gold jewelry, it is important to consider these two factors to ensure that one is comparing apples to apples.

For example, a leading retail jewelry brand is currently selling a 10K solid gold curb Cuban link for $89 a gram while The Gold Gods is offering the exact same chain for only $52 a gram.

That equates to a whopping 43% discount for the exact same chain with the exact same gold quality. With The Gold Gods, the customer is solely paying for the production cost and The Gold Gods’ markup, so the same exact piece drops by almost half the price, allowing their customers to enjoy both the quality and affordability.

The Gold Gods was founded in 2013 when Cam noticed numerous online advertisements for urban jewelry that lacked professionalism and branding. This was a lightbulb moment; he knew he could do it better. Equipped with absolutely no experience in the industry, Cam Love and his business partners Alan Davenport and James Hudson launched The Gold Gods with just four products and a shoestring budget.

But what they lacked in direct experience, they made up for in e-commerce, marketing, and retail wholesale skills. This is part of what sets The Gold Gods apart from the competition; they built their business from truly nothing, relying solely on themselves to make their brand as successful as it is today. To this day, they have never taken any outside investment, unlike some of their competitors.

Their current success is just the beginning. Now that The Gold Gods have found a way to work around the wholesale and retail markups and provide the best value for solid gold jewelry, they’re able to offer their solid gold jewelry for a much better value than their multi-billion-dollar counterparts.

The Gold Gods carry an extensive collection of all the classic golden link styles. From Cuban links to rope chains, Figaro’s to Franco’s, The Gold Gods have the market covered. Their selection of 10K and 14K solid gold spans numerous products, such as necklaces, gold chains, rings, and even designer sunglasses.

What started as a passion project by an inexperienced college kid has quickly turned into a multi-million-dollar gold jewelry empire. With the barriers to entry broken down for people around the world, it’s now easier to purchase and flaunt the solid gold jewelry they’ve always wanted. The Gold Gods have made a major mark on the gold industry, which is nothing short of a miracle.