Roseanne and Dennis Miller Slammed WHCD Comic Michelle Wolf, And Now They’re Getting Roasted Online

Whose side are you on?


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Comedian Michelle Wolf did wonders for her career at this weekend’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner, where she told a lot of jokes that angered a lot of people and earned her more way attention than she’s ever had.

By going in on members of the Trump administration, most notably White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Wolf won fans on the left and pissed off many on the right, while earning herself a place alongside Stephen Colbert and other notable comics who’ve made their careers with a controversial stand-up set at the WHCD.

Among those peeved at Wolf are Roseanne Barr and Dennis Miller, two stand up comics who were seasoned pros before Wolf was even born. Both of them offered their thoughts on Wolf’s set. 

Roseanne gave some advice to Wolf which she said she learned from bombing 10,000 times herself. Ironically, it was not to punch up at the powerful, a pretty common idea in comedy, but to leave them alone and go after the little guy.

Miller, meanwhile, tried to roast Wolf back, but his joke was so deadpan no one got it.

The joke here appears to be that Wolf is so little-known that Miller will have to spend days researching her before he could find something to rag on her about. 

People on Twitter didn’t need nearly as long to rip into him though.

Roseanne, who’s revived sitcom is dominating primetime TV, was not spared the barbs of Wolf’s defenders, either.

And at least one genius on Twitter combined the two wealthy, aging comics in one tweet and roasted them together.