This Russian Company Will Trick Your Instagram Followers By Renting Private Jets For Photo Shoots

For when you wanna be a baller on a budget.

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Say what you will about the Russian Federation, Russians seem to really get social media. And they also know a killer business opportunity when they see one. 

Clearly aware of the best uses of Instagram, a Russian company called Private Jet Studio has figured out a way to get some money out of parked private airplanes. In the meantime, their customers get to look like ballers on a budget. 

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Consider the prospect: you don’t have a ridiculously big bank account but you clean up good and you want to really make an impression. Put on a slick leather jacket, get on a parked plane, make a few snaps, and BOOM, all your friends are blown away. 

Not kidding about the budget. In US currency, you’d only pay $244 for a two-hour session with a photographer. For just $191, you can get on the plane and have a friend make the shots, for that authentic, casual smart phone snap kind of feeling. For less than $500 USD, they’ll make a video of the shoot.

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For additional money there’s the whole shebang, with professional handling hair and makeup. 

In case you were wondering, yes—there’s an equivalent (though as far as we know, not connected) company in the US, Private Jet Photoshoot. They ask potential customers to contact them for quotes on prices.

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On one hand, good for the companies who figured out what an opportunity they had sitting there in the form of aspiring models or playboys with Instagram accounts. On the other, is it evidence that social media has finally hit some kind of sad rock bottom?

We’re pretty sure the owners of these companies would say even if this is rock  bottom, fine. Might as well start digging and make some money while you do.

h/t BoredPanda