‘I’m Going Via The Wing’: Watch This Fed-Up Plane Passenger Take Emergency Exit

We’ve all been there.

Guy on wing
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Anyone who has sat forever in a plane waiting on the tarmac will understand: Sometimes you have to get the hell out of there.

A 57-year-old Polish man sitting on Ryanair flight FR8164 leaving Spain’s Malaga airport recently decided he really couldn’t take one more minute on the parked plane. So naturally he opened the emergency exit and climbed out on the wing. 

The Guardian report will surprise no one:

The man was said to have been frustrated after the plane was delayed by almost an hour leaving London’s Stansted airport on New Year’s Day. Passengers were then reportedly left waiting another 30 minutes to disembark when they arrived at around 11pm.

Airport staff convinced him to come back inside and he was promptly arrested. 

Fellow passenger Fernando Del Valle Villalobos told Mail Online: “This man decided he wasn’t going to wait any longer.

“He activated the emergency door and left, saying: ‘I’m going via the wing’. It was surreal.”

Del Valle Villalobos added: “He was sat on the wing for quite a while until the crew managed to get him back inside.”

He’s feeling it.

Ryanair termed the New Year’s Day incident a “security breach” and said the man was taken into custody for violating “Spanish safety and security regulations.”

It’s hard to begrudge the unnamed passenger his anger and frustration. Eventually everyone can reach their snapping point, especially when air travel is involved. 

Unfortunately, you just don’t screw around with air travel these days—once that ticket has been scanned, they pretty much own you.