Ghostly Sammy Sosa Dabbed on a London Street and Scared the Hell Out of Everyone

The former MLB star has been bleaching his skin for years.

The translucent vision above is not some sad and terrifying ghost from the Victorian era captured on film. It’s actually baseball legend Sammy Sosa, captured by a Twitter user while dabbing on a sidewalk somewhere in London. 

It’s hard to say whether fans of the ex-slugger should be worried about his state of mind or if it’s no big deal and Sosa is fine. Dabbing, after all, is totally played out and done.

The photos were made Tuesday, and Sosa’s birthday falls on Sunday, when he will turn 49.

He’s a grown-ass man and can bleach his skin—which he’s long insisted he doesn’t do to conceal any kind of skin condition like vitiligo—if he wants to. It’s wrong to make fun of Sosa if he’s doing it due to some kind of mental break, but in TV interviews he seems like the same Sammy who was such an amiable and appealing baseball star in the 90s. 

So here’s how social media roasted him after these pics appeared.

Really, we just don’t know if the performance-enhancing drugs no one ever was able to totally prove he took got to his brain or if all that bright outfield sunlight just fried a circuit. 

It has begun to seem like Sosa needs to come down off some kind of cloud. And stop trying to look like one.

h/t Daily Mail