A Special Forces Sniper Just Killed an ISIS Thug From 1.5 Miles Away Using the World’s Most Powerful Rifle

He deserves a medal for all-around badassery.

Photo: Getty Images

A British special forces sniper reportedly shot an ISIS fighter from 1.5 miles away during a pitched battle for the Iraqi city of Mosul. 

The sniper, a sergeant in the U.K.’s elite Special Air Service (SAS), landed the astounding kill shot during a four-hour standoff with another enemy sniper.

A source told the Daily Star exactly what happened before the marksman took his fateful shot. 

“It was like a game of cat-and-mouse and at one point the SAS almost gave up, believing that the terrorist had gone to ground.

“Just as the light was beginning to fade, the [ISIS] gunman moved into what he thought was a safe location and lifted his rifle up into his shoulder before the SAS shot him dead.”

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The British sniper with the CheyTac M200 Intervention, the same South Carolina-made rifle that holds the world record for the longest shot. It’s chambered for the specialized .408 Cheyenne Tactical round, and has a range of up to 10,000 feet. 

The ISIS fighter who was snuffed out by the gun was equipped with a Russian-made Dragunov rifle, and had killed and wounded several of the Brit’s comrades.

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The source said, “It was a classic counter-sniper operation. The ISIS gunman was moving all the time to get into the best position to get a kill. The distance was so far, that it took almost three seconds for the bullet to hit the target.”  

One thing’s for sure: this guy deserves a medal for all-around badassery. 

h/t: Daily Mail