Atiana De La Hoya Is a Total Knockout in This Exclusive Photo Shoot

The stunning daughter of boxing great Oscar De La Hoya is taking a swing at modeling.

Photographer: Josh Ryan, Stylist: Kat & Cara, Hair: Chris Dylan, Makeup: Hailey Hoff, Producer: Social Adam

Atiana De La Hoya, daughter of boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya and former Miss USA Shanna Moakler, is a total knockout in an exclusive set of lingerie photos debuting on 

Black Gloves: Honey Birdette, Bra: Honey Birdette, Corset: Honey Birdette

The LA Models-repped stunner has some major projects coming down the pipeline that we’ve been advised not to name explicitly. But De La Hoya is kicking things off here with a ravishing spread lensed by veteran photographer Josh Ryan, who’s previously worked with Maxim fave Charlotte McKinney and major brands like Guess. 

Black Bra: Vex, Black Bottoms: Vex, Black Tights: Commando, Jacket: Matania, Jewelry: JustDesi, Heels: Sylth Virago

“It was so great working with Josh!” she says of the experience. “He’s someone I’ve been wanting to work with for a long time. He made the shoot such a fun environment. His talent and professionalism is truly a gift.”

Full outfit: Natalie Fedner, Earrings: Natalie Mills Jewelry, Bracelets: JustDesi, 

De La Hoya has been surrounded by extraordinarily talented and successful people her entire life, be it her biological parents, or her rock star stepfather Travis Barker and his current love interest, Kourtney Kardashian. While that level of family star power has felt intimidating at times, it’s also helped her form an invaluable work ethic and life outlook. 

Josh Ryan

“My family has always led by example and taught me the true meaning of working hard to fulfill your goals. They’ve taught me to be independent and always lead with love.”

Josh Ryan

Considering De La Hoya’s clear talent and incredible physique (she credits the exclusive Dogpound celebrity gym with facilitating her fitness journey), more top modeling work is definitely on the way, but the ambitious beauty also has plans to excel in other disciplines.

“I have a passion for art and film and hope to explore more of that in the near future,” she says. “In the meantime, I’m seizing the opportunities that come my way while trying to obtain the best version of myself.”