Science Finally Reveals Whether Sex Feels Best on MDMA, Alcohol or Weed

Which is your favorite?


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First, we told you about that very enlightening study that compared high sex versus drunk sex. And in case you didn’t hear about that study, marijuana seems to be the winner, because drunk sex is just sloppier and riskier than stoned sex.

That said, prepare yourselves, people. We’re about to tell you about sex when you’re effed up on MDMA.

New York University public health researcher Joseph J. Palamar says that MDMA is “more sensual than sexual,” and since molly makes you love everything, you’re going to feel pretty damn affectionate and hug everyone. 

If you’ve ever been high on ecstasy, you know what we’re talking about.

“You’re more likely to want to hold someone, or a stranger, or give or receive a massage,” Palamar told Science of Us, suggesting you’re probably going to want to get very intimate with people, too. And according to research by Palamar and his colleagues, it’s true. Life becomes a big blur of sexy emotions when you’re on the stuff.

In 2014, Palamar conducted a study in which he interviewed 198 men about drug use while clubbing, and 84.8 percent of participants said that ecstasy use gave them some sexual enhancement. “I feel like I am making love,” one participant said, and another expressed that he holds “the person even more; the kisses are more conducive; the warmth is there. It doesn’t have to be penetration necessarily or any type of copulation.”

However intense those feelings and sensations sound, there is one pretty major shortcoming to sex on molly: a floppy dick. Participants reported not really being able to get it up while high on MDMA, and the actual sex part of sex has to wait until the comedown. Oof, that’s too bad.

Moreover, MDMA sex turned out to be basically as risky as drunk sex, because people said they had lower standards while on the drug, and enjoyed sticking it in people they normally wouldn’t look twice at. I suppose we could call this phenomena “Molly Goggles.” You know, like beer goggles. But with molly.

Basically all of us on ecstasy.

“There are times when I’m just so fucked up, where I’m just like, ‘Okay, whatever,” one respondent said. Wow, talk about throwing all safe-sex precautions out the window! Your middle school health teacher would not be too pleased to hear this. But whatever.

In fact, Swansea University psychologist Andrew Parrott found that MDMA users had more casual and unprotected sex than people who just drank alcohol. “MDMA certainly makes people more risky,” Parrott said, proving that between molly, alcohol, and marijuana, molly makes for the riskiest sex, even though men have a hard time getting a boner on molly.

Anyway, it’s fascinating stuff. A big thanks to all researchers who’ve worked very hard to illuminate us on intoxicated sex.


H/T: Science of Us