New Study Reveals Which Countries Want the Most Sexual Partners

Book a flight to Austria immediately.
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(Photo: Marc Romanelli/Getty Images)

(Photo: Marc Romanelli/Getty Images)

The French may have originated the ménage à trois, but that doesn't mean they're throwing swingers parties left and right and tallying up world record-breaking numbers of sexual partners.

In fact, when polled about the ideal number of sexual partners a person should have in their lifetime, the French landed somewhere in the middle, at an ideal of 10, just high enough to make Americans, at seven, turn pink.

It was all part of a wide-ranging survey of the sexual habits and preferences of 2,000 people across the United States and Europe, one portion of which asked people how many sexual partners over a lifetime is too little, just right, and too many. 

The Austrians were way ahead of the pack, saying up to seven partners is too few, which is the maximum number Americans said one person should have over a lifetime.

The results from within the United States were even more surprising. People of Louisiana reported having the highest number of sexual partners, at an average of 15.7, way ahead of the national average of 7.2. 

There is always, of course, the chance that people across the world just vary in how much they lie about sex.

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