Sexy Thief Gets a Prison Sentence and a Modeling Career

This gorgeous Canadian has burgled her way into our hearts.
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Stéphanie Beaudoin, 21-year-old Canadian brunette with a perfectly trim bikini body, is known as the “World’s Hottest Thief.” It's a moniker she earned by breaking into dozens of homes, stealing cash and goods worth $80,000. And being hot.

According to Vice, Beaudoin and her underage accomplices, ages 11, 13, and 17, wiped clean at least 39 houses in Victoriaville, a rural town in Quebec. Driving her signature white Mitsubishi Lance--with pink embellishments--from one crime scene to another, robbing houses Bling Ring style, Beaudoin was eventually arrested. In addition to robbery, she was charged with the illegal possession of three firearms.

As the story of an infamous seductive burglar from Quebec grew internationally, Beaudoin’s Facebook pictures began taking over the web. Soon, she was no longer just Stéphanie from Victoriaville… She was “the sexy thief.”

Turns out that's enough to let her go legit.

Beaudoin has already singed a contract with B Models Management and in September 2015, she landed on the cover of a men’s magazine, Summum

Meanwhile, she is due to begin serving a sentence this week of 90 days in prison—weekends only—which would make her a part-time inmate/part-time model...practically an inmate/playmate, if you will.

Though the judge has forbidden Beaudoin from using her criminal persona to sell products, she is confident that the ruling won't stand in the way of her success. 

"I can have modeling contracts as Stephanie Beaudoin. I could have my face on a skin care product," Beaudoin told Vice. "I just can't do it if the brand says something like 'Stephanie the criminal' or whatever. It's a pretty OK condition."

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