This One Skill Will Make You 29 Percent More Desirable to Women

Do this, and you'll never have lady trouble again.
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(Photo: Dream Pictures/Getty Images)

(Photo: Dream Pictures/Getty Images)

Don't have the biceps of a Spartan warrior or the endowment of Ron Jeremy? Not a problem.

Research from the University of North Carolina found that one particular skill, rather than a desirable personality trait or physical attribute, can make you up to 29 percent more desirable to women.

And no, while your ability to speak five languages whilst juggling bowling pins is indeed impressive, it's a actually knack for good storytelling that will really woo the fairer sex.

According to study author Melanie Green, Ph.D., telling vivacious personal anecdotes with "vivid word choices" and "specific details" (the kind that "transport you" and "paint a picture," etc.) connotes intelligence, strong communication skills, and social acumen.

On the contrary, telling rambling tales with vague language and trite, ho-hum vocabulary won't get you anywhere, nor will any "band camp"-type stories (presumably).

And to impress her even more, why not tell two (2!) stories?

h/t Men's Health

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