The Mysterious ‘Sniper of Mosul’ Is Slaying ISIS Fighters One By One

The badass sharpshooter even snuffed out an ISIS executioner as he was about to behead an Iraqi teenager.

Generic sniper image Getty Images

Iraqi security forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga have been retaking formerly ISIS-held territory as they steam into terrorist-held Mosul, Iraq. Reports indicate that even as the ground forces slowly advance, someone with a high-powered rifle is putting the fear of Allah into the jihadis still holding Mosul, one precisely-placed shot at a time. 

Citing Iraqi and other international media, the New York Post reports that a mysterious Sniper of Mosul has individual members of ISIS living in fear even as he—or she—saves the lives of the innocent:

The mysterious marksman — dubbed the “Sniper of Mosul” — is believed to be behind shootings in four separate neighborhoods of the Iraqi city, though officials think he could be receiving help from other sharpshooters, according to the Daily Star.

He has been hunting down militants in broad daylight, with the most recent hit unfolding during a public beheading.

The ISIS executioner was reportedly taken out as he was drawing his blade down on a teen boy’s throat. This kill set the nearby jihadists into an uproar and the Post reports they began to fire wildly, uncertain of where the bullet had come from. The would-be victim escaped.

As to who the sniper(s) are—it’s likely there is actually more than one—even money is on allied or Iraqi shooters. American special forces are assisting Iraq’s military and the Kurdish forces; that assistance could very well include a covertly-placed long distance killer.

Whatever gets the job done and puts terror thugs on the run sounds like a good thing.

h/t New York Post