Watch This Hero Former Green Beret Run Through ISIS Gunfire to Save a Little Girl

“I thought, ‘If I die doing this, my wife and kids would understand.'”

A man’s harrowing decision to throw himself into ISIS gunfire to save a young girl in Mosul, Iraq was captured on video Friday.

The footage, which has since racked up 27,000 views, shows David Eubank, a 56-year-old former U.S. Special Forces operative turned aid worker, hiding behind a tank as gunfire from ISIS snipers resounds in the background.

Approximately 150 yards from Eubank and his men is a pile of dead bodies, civilians who had been shot by ISIS snipers while attempting to flee the besieged city.

Eubank, with just a bulletproof vest and helmet, runs directly into ISIS shelling to snatch up a young girl from the pile he had noticed was still alive. As he takes off, his men begin shooting in the direction of enemy fire.

“I thought, ‘If I die doing this, my wife and kids would understand,'” Eubank told the Los Angeles Times.

After a blood-curling 10 seconds, Eubank returns with the young girl in his arm and brings her to safety behind the armored tank. Remarkably, both Eubank and the young girl were unscathed.

h/t Task & Purpose