Watch This Selena Gomez Lookalike Deliver The Spring Break Knockout Of The Year

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spring break knockout

Spring Break knockout videos are at once repulsive and oddly fascinating. It's not like we really want to watch boozed-up children punch each other unconscious on the beach, but we're not always gonna pretend they don't exist, either. 

This latest KO video features a sweet-faced Selena Gomez lookalike delivering a brutal one-punch nap to a yappy blonde in a bikini who just won't stop talking smack as the camera rolls in South Padre Island, Texas. 

Watch it here to see what we mean--don't worry, it won't take long:

Sweet Jesus. This is what happens when you mess with a girl in a Red Sox jersey, I guess? Things take a turn for the weird when another bikini-clad wild child decides to callously twerk over the knock out victim's body. What in the actual fuck? 

We certainly hope that slumbering blonde was OK, and perhaps she learned a valuable lesson courtesy of that viral Twitter clip. 

Maybe don't mess with seething, clenched-fisted Selena Gomez doppelgangers wearing Red Sox jerseys on the beach? 

Yeah, that sounds about right.