Watch This Selena Gomez Lookalike Deliver The Spring Break Knockout Of The Year


Spring Break knockout videos are at once repulsive and oddly fascinating. It’s not like we really want to watch boozed-up children punch each other unconscious on the beach, but we’re not always gonna pretend they don’t exist, either. 

This latest KO video features a sweet-faced Selena Gomez lookalike delivering a brutal one-punch nap to a yappy blonde in a bikini who just won’t stop talking smack as the camera rolls in South Padre Island, Texas. 

Watch it here to see what we mean–don’t worry, it won’t take long:

Sweet Jesus. This is what happens when you mess with a girl in a Red Sox jersey, I guess? Things take a turn for the weird when another bikini-clad wild child decides to callously twerk over the knock out victim’s body. What in the actual fuck? 

We certainly hope that slumbering blonde was OK, and perhaps she learned a valuable lesson courtesy of that viral Twitter clip. 

Maybe don’t mess with seething, clenched-fisted Selena Gomez doppelgangers wearing Red Sox jerseys on the beach? 

Yeah, that sounds about right.