Sprint or Verizon May Have Ripped You Off. Here’s How to Get a Refund

Snatch back your hard-earned money.

Verizon and Sprint may owe you a refund

Cramming is never a good thing. Whether you’re trying to bone up for an exam or shove more than you should into your luggage, it means you’ve waited too long and will figuratively pay the price. 

In the FCC’s sense of cramming (unwanted charges for “premium” services on your cellphone bill), you may have already paid the price. But (if you don’t wait too long) you still may be able to get back some of your hard-earned cash.

If you were a Sprint or Verizon Wireless customer 1) Between July 2010 and now, 2) Billed for Premium SMS services you didn’t desire, request or use and 3) Didn’t already receive a refund for it, you have until Thursday, December 31st, to file a claim.

Sprint customers: Go to sprintrefundpsms.com
Verizon customers: Go to cfpbsettlementverizon.com

Don’t even bother calling the phone numbers listed on those websites. You won’t get through. (We tried.) And please don’t call the regular customer service numbers!

You can print out the form and mail it with a 2015 postmark, but your quickest bet is to just file the claim online. When we did so on the Verizon site, it asked for basic info to confirm our account, we clicked a catchall option that we hadn’t authorized any services, clicked Submit and that was that.

Of course, time will tell if/how much we’ll receive for our share of the combined $158 million the FCC ordered in restitution from the two carriers. (T-Mobile and AT&T already settled theirs.) Sprint and Verizon have until May to deliver their customers vindication. We look forward to ours. Now go get yours!