Survey Finds That 1 in 10 People Look at Their Phone DURING Sex

Talk about phoning it in.

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A new survey conducted by a company that makes cell signal boosters found that out of 1,000 people, an alarming number have no problem checking their phone during sex.

As is often the case, Millennials can shoulder some of the blame for this.

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According to SureCall, the company that looked into the prevalence of this inexplicable habit, at least 10 percent of those surveyed would admit they do check their phone mid-bonk.

Another 43 percent said they do it all the time. And they’re mostly between 18 and 34. Millennials will pick up the phone two times more often than Gen Xers or Baby Boomers (the ones who still have sex, that is). 

The New York Post reports none of this should come as a big surprise—in the last five years the act of ignoring your significant other by bathing in the light of your iPhone as you browse tweets has skyrocketed. Almost half the people in a 2015 survey admitted they do it.

This is, to put it plainly, a ridiculous thing to do. Why would anyone find liking your great aunt’s Facebook post of a cute puppy meme worth turning away from doing the nasty? 

That’s the worst time for screen time, ever.