Swagway Demands Customers Stop Using Its Hoverboards Due to Safety Concerns

This comes one day after the U.S. government deemed all hoverboards unsafe.


On Friday the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) made a stunning announcement: no hoverboards on the market are safe. 

Now, the nation’s hoverboard behemoth, Swagway, is calling on all customers to stop using its products.

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Speaking exclusively with Mashable, a company spokesperson said, “In complying with the CPSC’s requirements, we ask customers who have purchased a Swagway to refrain from using their boards in the interim.”

Although Swagway has yet to issue any refunds, the company is not taking safety concerns lightly.

“We will issue a recall if necessary, as soon as we fully understand the exact specifics that need to be addressed according to the CPSC requirements and will offer a remedy for our customers accordingly,” added the spokesperson.

In an official notice, the CPSC mentioned the recent spate of boards bursting into flames: “Consumers risk serious injury or death if their self-balancing scooters ignite and burn. … Should the staff encounter such products at import, we may seek detention and/or seizure.”

You read that right: hoverboard manufacturers will face detention and/or seizure of products in addition to legal penalties if they don’t halt production and distribution ASAP. 

Nonetheless, Swagway is working to ensure new boards are up to safety standards. A Swagway spokesperson told Mashable, “We believe our products in transit exceed the new safety standard and are confident that we’ve addressed any safety concerns as expressed by the CPSC.” 

We’ll take that with a grain of salt in one hand and a fire extinguisher in the other.

h/t Mashable