Back in the Day, Sylvester Stallone Was Arrested For Throwing a Chicken in Someone’s Face

*Cue ‘Rocky’ theme music*


Before he was Rocky and Rambo, Sylvester Stallone was just a young guy trying to make it in New York City. Ugh, total cliche, I know.

One of Stallone’s early gigs was working at the Dover Deli in Manhattan, something he was reminded of at a Grammys party by Butch Yamali, whose father was Stallone’s boss there. According to Page Six, the conversation included one particularly interesting detail about Stallone’s tenure as a deli boy (a job title I just made up, but I’m running with it): 

Spies said Stallone shot back, “How can I forget? I was arrested at your [bleeping] deli!”

It seems Sly was once cuffed by cops for “throwing a chicken in a customer’s face.”

Was it a whole rotisserie chicken? A chicken cutlet? Breaded or unbreaded? Coated in *cue Giada De Laurentis voice* parmigiano? I need these details if I’m going to appropriately play out this scene in my head on loop, which is the only thing I have planned for the rest of today.