The Rock Reveals Savagely Healthy Breakfast He’s Eating to Cut Weight For ‘Black Adam’

“The goal is to raise the bar with ‘Black Adam,’ and set a new standard and paradigm with how it’s done…”

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has made his fame in part through quite literally always being the hardest worker in the room. It’s not a bad way to go through life if you get the kinds of paydays he does. 

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In a July 4th weekend Instagram post, Johnson once again demonstrated why he — at an age (49) when many are slowing down and fattening up — is in the kind of shape most men of any age would kill themselves trying to achieve.

Believe it or not, the 6’4″ Rock, already a walking slab of pure muscle, had to cut weight for Black Adam, but he didn’t do it by starving himself.

In his video, Johnson said, “We leave it all out on the field, and I’ve got to show my body next week on screen, so the diet is really getting dialed-in.”

What is “dialed-in” for The Rock when he’s prepping to go shirtless on camera? As he says in the video, that means no sodium and decreased water intake. 

So his “cutting” stage breakfast (a reference to the bodybuilding cycle of “bulking” in the off-season and “cutting” in preparation for competitions) is flank steak, egg whites and brown rice plus blueberries — he’s still getting his carbs but coming as they do in the form of rice and blueberries, they’re considered “good carbs,” more complex and beneficial to the body than simple carbs like granulated sugar. 

Johnson’s drink probably sounds kind of gross and his wry attitude in narrating the video reflects that he understands that — it’s watery mixed brown rice oatmeal.

“It’s all for the cause,” Johnson says.

“The goal is to raise the bar with Black Adam, and set a new standard and paradigm with how it’s done…fingers crossed, next week we’ll bring it home strong.”

Black Adam is set to roar into theaters on July 29, 2022.