The Top 10 Undiscovered Innovators of 2021

Presented by Ascend Agency The new age of technology, innovation has taken center stage. Numerous industries are experiencing beneficial changes, due […]

(Photos: Courtesy of Ascend Agency)

Presented by Ascend Agency

The new age of technology, innovation has taken center stage. Numerous industries are experiencing beneficial changes, due to the creative minds of innovators around the world. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated the rate of innovation.  

In a bid to survive the crisis, many incredible new approaches to age-old problems have surfaced. The shift to digital platforms has led to many brands pivoting to operating their businesses online. With people working from home, it has become increasingly important to adopt technological advances and embrace innovation.

(Photos: Courtesy of Ascend Agency)

The world is recognizing and celebrating innovators who have made significant contributions. Here’s a look at the top ten undiscovered innovators of 2021 who continue to push the envelope and bring forth groundbreaking ideas:

Shawn Meaike

Shawn Meaike is the founder and president of Family First Life. Before starting his company, Shawn worked as a social worker, an experience that led him to discover a gap in the insurance sector. He quit his job to pursue a much more significant role and established Family First Life. Family First Life is widely known for prioritizing the families that they protect and their agents. Today his company is at the frontlines of protecting families by providing insurance services.  

Shawn Meaike has taken an innovative approach to building his team. All win by offering a great compensation plan and free training to the agents, equipping them with the right knowledge. Family First Life is projected to be a billion-dollar company by 2022.

Yann Darwin

Yann Darwin is a French entrepreneur and investor. While he wasn’t born rich and often struggled to make ends meet, his innovativeness allowed him to climb up the ladder of success, cementing his spot in the industry.

For more than a decade, Yann worked two jobs just to have enough to invest. He worked as a fireman, investing part of his salary in various side hustles, including real estate. By remaining dedicated and working smart, Yann Darwin single-handedly worked his way to the top, becoming a millionaire investor. 

Frantisek Hrinkanic

Frantisek Hrinkanic is a top crypto trader and investor widely recognized in the blockchain community because of his dedication to mentoring others in the industry. Having joined the market some years back, Frantisek uses the experience and knowledge he has accrued to help fellow traders and investors easily navigate the crypto space.

Frantisek has been featured in numerous publications and has tens of thousands of followers on both Instagram and Twitter.

Jad Kantari

Jad Kantari is a US immigrant who, despite facing various challenges, managed to establish his place in the new market and achieve significant wealth. He is one of the leading innovative entrepreneurs in the eCommerce space. 

Jad Kantari runs an 8-figure eCommerce business model. His strong online presence and brand image have helped Jad secure his place in the competitive eCommerce space.

Matthew Thayer

Matthew Thayer is regarded as one of the most influential traders in the industry who is helping others gain knowledge and skills. Before becoming a great trader and achieving success, he had to first deal with countless obstacles, which inspired him to share his expertise and help others win.

Since joining the space, Matthew has been impacting many people’s lives by sharing his skills and knowledge. Traders have built their trading portfolios by following Thayer’s strategies. This makes him an influential figure in the industry.

Justin Colby

Justin Colby is an innovative house-flipping expert, entrepreneur, public speaker, and podcaster. He holds the belief that real estate is the best investment option by a mile for newbie and seasoned investors. 

Unlike traditional investments, whose returns fluctuate depending on the market performance, real estate returns have minimal variance, and the value of land/property increases over time.

“Beginners can follow the path to gain financial freedom, and veterans can scale up their business or multiply their wealth,” says Colby.

Gregory Piper

Based in Washington DC, Gregory Piper is an award-winning photographer who is using his skills to spread wildlife conservation awareness around the world. Gregory Piper has unlocked a different perspective on nature and underwater photography, and he is telling untold tales of Mother Nature from various parts of the world.

His one-of-a-kind images make him a notable, professional photographer who is pushing the limits of what’s possible in that realm. 

Izzy Aronbayev

Izzy Aronbayev is a top jeweler that has changed the industry by infusing traditional and modern-day technology in his custom-made jewelry.

This innovative creator has a particular method to which he puts in the specifications from the clients and adds a personal innovative touch to them all, which makes his products stand out.

Samba Diagne

Samba Diagne is among the most successful entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry today. He is an expert in sales, a renowned speaker, and a mentor.

A self-taught network marketer and now global leader, Samba understands how tough it can be to establish and scale your business in a highly competitive world. This was what motivated him to empower and encourage others. He offers an international consulting service that revolves around business development and helping people realize their full potential.


Vetaroo is a young innovator that is redefining the pet care landscape and providing pets and pet parents with the best quality medical care service that is accessible. 

Due to COVID, people have had to cut down on traveling, which has caused some major inconveniences. Routine vet visits are important for your pet’s health, but the pandemic made it almost impossible with the many guidelines put in place to curb the spread of the virus. Vetaroo came to the rescue with their innovative idea: providing home-based vet services for pets.

As we navigate the new normal, the above innovators have been at the forefront of impacting change. Their groundbreaking ideas are changing people’s perspectives on various matters and showing us that nothing is impossible.