Tiger Woods Cracks Joke About His Receding Hairline In Booking Video After DUI Arrest

At least he has a sense of humor about this whole mess.


In this newly-released video of Tiger Woods being booked and struggling to take a breathalyzer test after his arrest on May 29, there’s no doubt as to why he was taken in. He is completely out of it, barely standing up—and this is apparently hours after his DUI arrest.

To his credit, Woods seems to see some humor in the situation, at one point telling a cop who asked about his hair color that it is “brown and fading and…brown.”


After all, Woods did pass his breathalyzer test, and his explanation of antidepressants and pain meds playing a role in his state makes sense. It’s probably not all that fair to keep riding him about this or treating it as some sign he’s a complete washout. These things happen, right? 

Other celebs agree, like Bill Burr. The comedian has explained why a couple of times now, including on The Joe Rogan Experience. Watch the video of him speaking with Rogan on the popular podcast below.

Tiger Woods has come through some very public scandals before, like his divorce. In the end this’ll work out fine for him—he’s still incredibly wealthy and famous—but we’re pretty sure he wishes this booking video in particular wasn’t public knowledge.