Tiger Woods Dashcam Footage Is Here, And It’s Amazing

This is just crazy.

Police in Jupiter, Florida released the dashcam video of Tiger Woods’ arrest Wednesday and it looks really bad for the legendary golfer. 

In the footage Woods absolutely blows his field sobriety test and tops that off with slurring his words and stumbling around. His attempts at conversation with the cops who pulled him over are just painful. At one point he asks “What, what are we doing?” 

Later, when the officer asks him if he understands what’s going on, Woods simply mumbles, “Say again?” 

Even though Woods has insisted he was not driving drunk and he did pass a breathalyzer, one officer clearly senses something’s up, writes the New York Post:

Before arresting the sports icon, officers can be heard telling him he smells of alcohol. The exchange corroborates reports that authorities initially assumed he was drunk.

“Have you been drinking?” one of the cops asks.

“Nah,” Woods says.

“Okay, cause there’s some odor coming from you,” the cop responds.

After placing Woods in cuffs, the two officers can be seen leading him to a squad car and placing him inside. 

Woods has claimed that a couple of the culprits here were the antidepressant Celexa—which doesn’t typically induce drowsiness, for what it’s worth—and the painkiller Vicodin. It’s easy to understand watching this, though, why police had to get him off the road.

Watch the full completely cringe-inducing event from start to finish below.